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Gift voucher

  • Manufacturer: ŠENÝR Bijoux s.r.o. 
  • Product code:darek500
  • Availability:dodávka do 14 dnů
  • Our price without VAT:17.07 € / pack
  • Our price with VAT 21%:20.66 €
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    Gift voucher
    We have prepared gift vouchers for you to purchase on our e-shop in a given value.   
    This coupon is valid until 31.3.2021. 
    After purchasing it, we will send it to you with a unique code just for you.   Indulge your loved ones with the crystal tradition of Czech production ŠENÝR Bijoux.   

    This coupon is worth CZK 500.  
    Do you have any questions on this item? Do not hesitate and ask us.

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